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New Car Financing with Bad Credit

Friday, October 4th, 2013

New car financing with bad creditThere’s nothing like the anticipation you experience when you know it’s time to purchase a new car. Don’t forget that now is also the time to think about financing for that new car loan especially if you think your FICO score is bad. Making good decisions on auto financing for a new vehicle could save thousands of dollars in interest charges that you don’t need to incur.

There are several ways you can go about paying for, or financing a new vehicle purchase. People with bad credit may have to opt for a bad credit auto loan. We’ll cover your options for getting car loans with bad credit, as well as some of the other common auto financing options in this post. Knowing your financing options helps you to start moving forward on your quest to purchase a new vehicle.

Should You Pay Cash?

This is an option that not many of us have when purchasing brand new vehicles. Let’s face it, there just aren’t many of us who have tens of thousands of dollars lying around. However, if you have come into a large settlement, inheritance or have just been saving up a lot of your pennies for some time, you do always have the option to pay cash for a new car rather than financing it. It’s not always the best choice to use your money so consider some of the other financing options that we are about to talk about.  But if money is no object to you (your lucky dog!) by all means consider paying a lump sum to cover your new car purchase.

Should You Lease a New Automobile?

Let’s be honest here, most of us don’t have the money to pay for a vehicle outright. This is especially true for those folks looking for auto loans with bad credit. However, another option that some people use to drive the car of their dreams is leasing. There are some dealerships that will allow you some premium lease deals even with a little lower bureau score. Some of the manufacturers often offer incentives to lease a new automobile.

However, this is generally the exception and not the rule, as most auto dealerships don’t like to provide leases on new vehicles to customers with FICO credit scores lower than 700. If you’ve recently checked your FICO report and know that your score falls below the 700 mark, you can always try leasing rather than financing a new car, but you may want to think about getting a bad credit car loan as your Plan B.

Online Car LoanIs an Online Bad Credit Auto Loan Right For You?

If you don’t have the money to pay for your car outright (the same as 99% of us..) and you can’t find a conventional bank loan or lease for your new automobile, this is the option for you! There have been millions of people who have seen their financial ratings drop drastically in recent years. As such, more people than ever are using online bad credit auto loan lenders to obtain financing for new and used car purchases.

This website is directly affiliated with hundreds of lenders in one of the largest networks of online car loans lenders. By filling out and submitting the online car loan application on this website, you will have access to this network. What does this mean for you? Well, your auto finance application will be processed by some of the best lenders that just happen to be experts at offering new car financing with bad credit. You get to compare the offers  for loans you receive from multiple lenders, so you can choose a financing option that is favorable and that you can fit into your current budget. An online car loan is the ultimate solution for people in need of auto financing with bad credit!

Bad Credit Car Financing Options

Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

Bad Credit Car FinancingIf you’re looking to get behind the wheel of a new car, but you have a bad credit score, you may feel like your financing options are limited. Well, in some ways that’s true; a person with a very low FICO score isn’t going to have the same opportunities for loans that someone with a high score has. However, all hope isn’t lost if you need to get approved for car loans with bad credit. In fact, we’re going to tell you about some of your many choices with regards to financing today.

Having a good experience when buying a car really boils down to thinking about the car you actually want to buy, the length of your bad credit car loan and the interest rates that you will ultimately end up paying on your loan. We will break down each of these important areas and tell you about your options when getting a car loan with bad credit…

Bad Credit Auto Financing – Choosing the Right Automobile

We can all appreciate the latest/greatest new cars that hit the market every year. It seems like the major automobile manufacturers just keep upping the ante; delivering new cars that are stunning and loaded with cool, optional features. You may want to avoid dreaming of driving a new Ferrari off the lot if you have bad credit, though. As cool as the fancier cars are, they are usually not a good fit for someone who is struggling with credit problems. We recommend that you set your sights on a reliable vehicle that is priced a bit lower than the higher end rides that are so popular these days. Most of us simply need a car to get from point A to point B. By choosing a less expensive car, you’re more likely to find bad credit auto financing that actually works within the constraints of your budget.

Auto Loans with Bad Credit – Opt for Short Term Loans

It’s very true that getting a loan with a longer term – like a 60 month car loan – is often the preferred option for many people. However, you should be prepared to get a shorter term car loan if you have poor credit. Most lenders will offer you 3 to 4 year loans when your bureau score isn’t quite up to snuff. However, if you took our advice and sought out a less expensive vehicle to begin with, you should have no problems with making payments on a shorter term auto loan. You may have to pay just a bit more each month than you would had you received a longer term loan, but you should be able to find a car financing package that offers payments that are low enough for you to afford.

Bad Credit Car Loans – Interest Rates will likely be Higher

Bad Credit Car Loan Interest RatesWe would like to tell you that all people with bad credit are going to get car loans with super low interest rates. However, if we did tell you that it wouldn’t be true. Yes, you may find that some lenders do offer low interest rates loans to bad credit borrowers, but that’s not always the case. The simple fact of the matter is that lenders – even lenders that specialize in providing car loans to people with bad credit – have to offset the risk they take in lending to bad credit borrowers by charging higher interest rates. However, there’s no rate that’s “set in stone” so to speak. You should try to obtain loan offers from more than one lender to see which one offers you the loan package with the lowest interest rates. These finance companies aren’t dumb. The know the bad scores that people have now aren’t because the people are bad, it’s due to the bad economy over the last 5 years. That’s the real reason why they are able keep the interest rates so much lower than in past years.

Understanding Your Bad Credit Car Financing Options

By now you understand the most important facts about your choices when seeking financing to purchase a new or used vehicle with bad credit. Don’t forget the importance of getting multiple loan quotes to see which lender can offer you the best combination of these three, important features. To do that, you can fill out the online car loan application on this website. We will then see to it that the lending experts in our huge, nationwide network of bad credit auto loan lenders are able to process your loan request. You could end up with offers from several loan companies. That will give you the opportunity to compare what each lender offers and to ultimately choose the car loan that is ideally suited for your unique circumstances.

You may have slightly different options when you search for car loans with bad credit. The important thing to remember, however, is that you do have options. Keep the information you learned from this article in mind, and you’re sure to find the loan that you need to purchase the vehicle that you want in no time!

Bad Credit Car Financing Simplified

Friday, July 19th, 2013

Bad Credit Car FinancingWe’ve noticed that people seem to have lots of questions about bad credit car financing these days. Of course, this makes sense since more people than ever actually have subprime credit scores these days. And with the onslaught of advertising for bad credit car loans and other solutions to your low credit score problems, many folks just don’t know where to start when they need nothing but the straight facts about getting a bad credit car loan.

If you’ve ever found yourself asking, “How do I get a car loan with bad credit?” then this article was written with you in mind. Read on to find out all you need to know about bad credit auto loans and discover how you can actually apply for your next vehicle loan today…

An Alternative Way to get Car Loans for Bad Credit

Why is there such a need for bad credit auto financing? Well, for starters, like we mentioned earlier, more people than ever have credit problems these days. We’ve all been through some very perilous financial times in recent years, and millions of people have seen their credit scores drop as a result. With so many folks possessing bad credit these days, it’s no wonder that the bad credit loans industry has exploded – it’s simple supply and demand.

Another reason that people seek out alternative lending companies when they have bad credit is because traditional banks and credit unions usually don’t offer loans to people who have bad credit. For many years getting a car loan meant going to the local bank branch and requesting one; those days are now long gone. It’s very difficult for a bad credit customer to get car loans from their banks especially a used car loan.

These two factors have combined to create a growing need for bad credit car financing that allows hard working people to purchase the automobiles they really want.

You Might Need a Bad Credit Car Loan

So, do you have bad credit? Some people aren’t quite sure how to tell if they really do have bad credit. Here are a couple of things that may indicate that your credit score is lower than necessary to obtain traditional financing for your next auto purchase:

You have been turned down for a new or used car loan at your local bank.

You have filed for bankruptcy within the past seven years.

You have made a lot of late payments on credit cards and other loans in recent years.

These are just a couple of indicators that might point toward the fact that you do, indeed, have bad credit. However, the only way to really tell is to pull your most recent credit report and look at the numbers for yourself. A FICO score of less than 700 indicates that you “officially” have a subprime credit rating. You can get a free copy of your credit report every year, so we recommend getting one now to find out where you really stand.

Bad credit car loan onlineRepairing Your Credit with Bad Credit Car Financing

This website is focused on helping you get car loans with bad credit. To do so, we have built a strong, professional relationship with one of the largest networks of bad credit car loans lenders in the country. You can apply for your loan via this website to get offers from several of these lenders; to ultimately choose the car loan that will get you behind the wheel of your new ride.

And remember, rebuilding your credit is important. You actually take strides in repairing your credit by making regular, prompt payments on your new car loan. So when you get auto financing with bad credit, by staying on top of your payments you actually begin the process of strengthening your credit score. Do this over the life of your loan and you may very well be on the road to a very high credit score in the near future!

Car Finance Bad Credit Car Loan Online

You are now in the know about some pretty important facts related to your bad credit car loans. You know how you can apply for your car loan with bad credit – you just need to use the online car loan application on this website – and you will be on your way to getting loans from some of the top bad credit auto loans lenders in the country.

We hope that you get that new car you’ve been wanting sooner than you expected – now that you know all about bad credit auto loans and how to go about applying for your loan online the right way!

Car Financing and Bankruptcy Car Loans

Wednesday, June 12th, 2013

Car FinancingObtaining car loans with bad credit can be a relatively easy process even in these times of tight credit. Even those with bad credit, no credit, or who have filed for bankruptcy may be eligible to obtain auto financing online. As the banks tighten their belts and only lend to those with impeccable credit ratings, online car finance companies are picking up the slack. You can always use a bad credit auto loan to purchase your vehicle and improve your credit score.

Getting turned down for a new or used car loan from your bank is a disappointing experience. After all, you’ll have difficulty getting to work to earn money to pay your bills if you are unable to purchase a new vehicle. What’s a person to do? To start with, you should visit an auto financing website and see how much lenders will allow you to borrow.

Auto Loans with No Credit

If you have not established a credit rating, you may still be able to purchase your vehicle of choice with the help of a reputable online auto lender. In some cases you may require a co-signer to guarantee the auto loan. This reduces the risk to the lender and may result in a lower interest rate. Financing a car with an online lender can help you establish a solid credit score. Just be sure to make all of your payments on time and in full.

If you can’t come up with an acceptable co-signer, you may still be eligible for a car loan. The general requirements are that you:

* Are at least 18 years of age
* Have a valid drivers license
* Have a steady income of at least $1800
* Must be a legal resident of the US

Bankruptcy Car LoansBankruptcy Auto Loans

Those that have filed for bankruptcy have the most difficult time in obtaining car financing. Traditional lenders shy away from high risk auto loans and likely won’t give any consideration to your loan application no matter the reason for bankruptcy. This is where online auto loan sites can help “get you back on the road”. There are many bad credit auto lenders who specialize in car loans after bankruptcy.

Bad credit auto loans companies specialize in providing auto loans for people with bad credit or low credit scores. They are less concerned with your credit history and focus more on your current situation. If you have a steady income and the ability to make your monthly payments then car loan lenders will seriously consider your application.

Be prepared for a higher interest rate on your new or used car loans as lenders need to cover their risk when dealing with a bankrupt individual. If you have been paying your bills on time, see if you can get a few references to back up the claim that you have changed your ways. Get a copy of your credit report and make sure that everything is in order. Some items may still be on your record that should have been cleared through your bankruptcy claim. Be sure to clean these up before applying for an automobile loan to increase your chances of being approved.

No credit car financing can help you establish a solid credit rating. Be sure to pay your loan on time each month and you’ll have an easier time obtaining car financing in the future. This is an effective way to re-establish your credit score.

Bad Credit Auto Financing Demystified

Saturday, June 8th, 2013

bad credit auto financingDoes making sense of financial information sometimes seem a bit confusing to you? If it does, you are not alone. A lot of people feel very overwhelmed when the time comes to learn more about financial concepts that directly affect their personal financial situations. If you’ve been intimidated by the thought of getting bad credit auto financing, you need not get too overwhelmed. As you’ll soon find out, it’s not difficult to both understand and prepare for getting car loans with bad credit.

The important thing is to avoid thinking that financial concepts are overly complex. While this may be true of high level financial information, the concepts that apply directly to your credit and getting a car loan are not nearly as complex as you may have been led to believe. In an effort to help demystify bad credit car loans, we have put this post together with some very helpful information just for you.

Bad Credit Auto Financing: More Common than you might think

It might help you to become less anxious about auto financing with bad credit if you find out that you are not alone if you are looking for a car loan with bad credit. As amazing as this might sound, experts have estimated that 7 out of every 10 car loans processed in recent years have been for bad credit customers. Clearly, then, people with bad credit are in the majority amongst car shoppers. If you’ve felt that you were on the fringe because of your poor credit, you can relax a bit; knowing that you are one of many, many people searching for a car loan in a notoriously rough financial environment.

Before you pursue bad credit car loans, check your credit score

Don’t ever take it for granted that you have a particularly low credit score. Many people find that by checking their credit reports regularly that they are able to better manage their finances, and even repair mistakes to their credit reports. We always advise that our readers get a yearly credit report to stay current on where their credit scores stand. You may find that you don’t even need to get a bad credit car loan if your FICO score is higher than 700.

Regardless of how bad you fear your credit score might be, it is ALWAYS in your best interest to have a current credit report on hand. You can’t pursue the kind of car financing that’s best for you unless you know exactly what your credit score is. And since lenders may require you to get a credit report anyway, it’s best to get a free one before you actually start shopping around for your next car loan.

Auto financing with bad creditRepairing Your Credit

Knowing what is in your credit report allows you to take steps to improve your overall credit rating. You may be able to pay off a few smaller loans or even get a lender to write off bad debt by making a few small payments. Making these kinds of moves can actually improve your credit score by a few points and may help you in getting better rates on your upcoming car loan.

Is it Easy to Apply for Bad Credit Auto Financing?

If you’ve ever applied for a mortgage or large loan you know that the process can often be very complex and filled with red tape. Thankfully, when you choose to get an online auto loan for your car purchase, things really couldn’t be much easier. We can assist you with this process. Take a few minutes and fill out the online loan application form on this website. We’ll make sure that your application is sent to the top lending companies. These lenders are respected companies that are competing to provide loans for hard working people like yourself. You may even get an auto loan offer from one of these lenders that is ideal for your current financial situation.

Our Conclusion on Car Loans with Bad Credit

Having bad or poor credit is not something that means you have no hope of ever getting decent loans for your automobile purchases. In fact, you’ve just learned some tips and information to help make the entire online auto loans process less complicated and easier to deal with. Remember, that  is dedicated to helping you with all of your bad credit car loan needs. If you are ready to get a loan for that car you’ve been considering, now is the time to get started by filling out the online car loan application form to get the ball rolling.

Bad Credit Auto Financing After Divorce

Saturday, June 1st, 2013

Bad Credit Auto Financing After a Divorce

It seems that there are lots of people who are interested in finding out about getting bad credit auto loans after a divorce. In an effort to help all of our readers in finding the best information about auto loans for people with bad

credit, we’ve been scouring the Internet message boards, social media sites and every online resource where people ask their most pressing questions. And there are tons of folks who are looking to find out more about getting a favorable

car loan, despite having money problems stemming from a divorce.

If you’ve been through a divorce, or are currently going through one and want to know whether or not this situation is going to affect your financial big picture, we have bad news for you – It probably will. It’s rare that either side of

a divorce end up coming through the other side without suffering some minor financial setbacks. However, that doesn’t mean that you should give up hope of finding financing for your dream car. Here at, we’ve put

together some helpful information that should point you in the right direction to find the best bad credit auto financing for your upcoming automobile purchase.

Bad Credit Auto Financing DivorceDivorce, Bankruptcy and Bad Credit Auto Financing Options

It’s sad but true that many folks end up filing for bankruptcy after a divorce. It often happens that with so many shared financial liabilities that people simply can’t afford to pay all the bills after a divorce. When you go from living

in a two income household to a one income household, it’s only natural that you may have to tighten your belt a bit. And since it’s common for one side of the divorce proceedings to get hit a bit harder with the existing bills, there

seems to be at least one of those folks who end up using bankruptcy as a way of getting a fresh financial start.

This is what makes things tough for people looking for a good auto loan. As you know, many banks tend to shy away from lending money to people who have filed for bankruptcy. It’s rather difficult to find any loans that don’t have

particularly high interest rates after a bankruptcy has taken place. However, we do have lenders in our exclusive, nationwide network that can help you out. If the banks have turned you down or you fear that you might have to pay sky-

high interest rates if you borrow from a traditional lending company, you should submit your loan request via our secure, online loan request form.

Rebuilding Your Credit After a Divorce-Related Bankruptcy

It’s always a wise idea to go about rebuilding your credit as soon as you can after a bankruptcy. For most people this means going through the process of borrowing and paying back a few smaller-to-medium sized loans. Even opening a gas

card and paying it off every month is a step in the right direction. Bankruptcy car loans is another way that you can go about rebuilding your credit. Staying current on your bad credit auto loans is a good way to show the world that you

are not a financial risk and to ultimately build a strong credit score in the future.

Bad Credit Auto Financing When Household Income Goes Down

Bad Credit Auto Loans No Money DownSome people go through a divorce and are lucky enough to get through the process without either party having to file for bankruptcy. However, it’s still a sure bet that your income will probably go down a bit after you split from your

spouse. Car dealer financing for bad credit is a good way to get bad credit auto loans with no money down.

We specialize in helping our clients find affordable auto financing online with bad credit that offer the best rates and terms. While we can’t guarantee that you will get the exact loan terms you’re looking for, we will make every effort

to match your loan request up with the top lenders in the auto loans industry. Just be sure that you budget to ensure that you’ll be able to afford your new car payment without stretching yourself too thin. It may be wise to look for a

more affordable, previously owned car rather than going out and seeking a very expensive, brand new car now that you’re living on more modest financial means.

Making Informed Decisions About Borrowing Money After Your Divorce

It’s important to begin the process of starting off on a new path after your divorce. Whether you’ve had to deal with bankruptcy during the split or have been fortunate enough to avoid legal financial wrangling, chances are you still

want to get a car loan that offers you terms and financing rates that you are able to live with.

If you are struggling to find a lender that will help you out, don’t hesitate to fill out our online auto loan application form. Remember, we are aligned with the top lenders in the country. If the other banks and car lot financing

companies have been giving you the run around, rejecting your loan requests or making you feel like the search for a favorable bad credit auto financing is impossible, we are here to help you in your quest to find a car loan that will

work for your unique life circumstances.

Get approved today at

Used Car Financing with Bad Credit

Thursday, May 30th, 2013

This probably comes as no surprise to you to know that the majority of pre-owned vehicles sold in the US are not purchase with cash. If you have encountered some credit related bumps along the way, you are going to need the services of a subprime lender who specializes in used car financing with bad credit scores. What is considered a bad credit score today is anything less than 700 and 4 years ago, if y

Used Car Loans with Bad CreditFinancing a Car with Bad Credit

We’ve also discussed a number of aspects surrounding the car loans offered to consumers with poor credit. Today, however, we’re going to tie all those pieces together. That is, what to expect when buying a car with bad credit.

Which consumers need a high-risk car loan?

Generally speaking, higher-risk (subprime or non prime) car loans are those offered to car buyers with FICO scores of 640 or less. Typically, loans above that line fall into prime or near prime territory. And while subprime lenders usually will consider applicants with better credit scores, most banks, captive finance companies (such as Ford Motor Credit) and credit unions will as well – giving consumers with better credit a much wider choice along with lower interest rates.

Who are these subprime car lenders?

There currently are at least 30 national and regional lenders that offer subprime lending. A handful of the national ones – such as ….. read entire article here

Used Car Loans with Bad Credit

Used Car LoansAuto financing for older cars is easy with Fast Auto Loan Approval. You can also avail used auto loans with bad credit or no credit score. Down payment and co-signer are not mandatory for qualifying for the car loan process. Take advantage of guaranteed approval offered by the used car auto financing company and buy a pre-owned car with low interest rates.

A used car is a great option because of its low cost. Most used car dealerships also offer warranty. So, such cars are almost new without the bad “depreciation” loitering in the background. gets you instant bad credit used car loans. The company believes that subprime borrowers and people with poor credit don’t deserve rejection and they must be given a second chance. So, if you have less than good credit, just apply on the secure website and avail used vehicle financing.

Fast Auto Loan Approval understands how difficult it is to manage a down payment amount. Most applicants mention that they have to undergo a lot of trouble for putting money down. If you are one of them, opt for 0 down auto financing for used cars. You can even apply for bad credit used car loans with no down payment. is perfect for borrowers with no credit because it helps them to build their credit scores and that too at lowest possible rates. Used auto loans for people with no credit history can be availed by a simple car loan application …. more info here is the consumers top choice when it comes to used car loans with bad credit:

Bad Credit Auto Loans | 100% Guaranteed Approval

Bad Credit Auto Loans | 100% Guaranteed Approval – Check out this awesome video that discusses Bad Credit Auto Loans. If you a…

Interest rates on bad credit used car loans are generally determined by the age of the vehicle and the mileage. It is wise to consider an extended warranty or service contracts as well. Some other things to consider would be you will definitely save money on car insurance as long as you aren’t buying a convertible or sports car. If you need any additional assistance on how to buy a car with bad credit just contact us and we will be happy to help you get the car you really want.

We do our best at to help our visitors stay on top of the news on buying and financing cars. If you have found our information to be of service please feel free to share it with your friends and family.

Bad Credit Car Financing: 4 Tips to Help You Find a Car Loan

Sunday, April 28th, 2013

Bad Credit Car FinancingHaving bad credit can be a real bummer. You work hard every day, do what you can to stay current on your debts, but still find that your credit rating has taken a beating in recent years. If this sounds familiar, it’s important to know that you are not alone. Many people, millions of them in fact, have had credit problems in the recent past. It is not all bad news however, many car loan lenders have risen to the challenge and offer specialized loan programs for bad credit car financing.

One of the tough things about having credit problems is finding auto loan companies who offer reasonable rates and terms on auto loans for people with bad credit. In case you haven’t noticed, many of the big banks and credit companies out there simply don’t want to loan money to people with poor credit scores. There are, however, some things that you can do to improve your chances of finding the right bad credit car loan for your unique circumstances.

Here are four tips to keep in mind as you search for the best bad credit car financing for your upcoming car purchase.

Get Your Credit Report Right Now

You can’t get to where you want to be, until you know where you’ve already been. This may sound like a cliche from a ballad, but it’s true when it comes to getting a bad credit auto loan. You see, too many people flat out ignore their credit history and just assume that they have bad credit.

Here’s the deal, though, even if you do have bad credit, you may be able to use your credit report to find some potential problems and to clean them up before you apply for a loan. Many times people find errors that are very easy to fix on their credit reports and end up with significantly higher credit scores than they previously had.

Assess Your Current Household Budget

Take a long, hard look at your current financial situation. Look at how much money you are bringing in and how much is going out for bills and expenses. You’ll want to make sure that you have a bit of breathing room in your budget, so you’ll be able to stay current on your new car loan. Take advantage of our free online auto loan payment calculator to ensure you are making a good choice. Try to use paper or a computer program to lay out your entire household budget prior to proceeding with your plans to buy a new car.

Become Familiar with Bad Credit Car Financing Basics

Sometimes bad credit auto financing isn’t quite as straightforward as standard car financing. You may not find your local bank too helpful if you’re in need of a car loan with bad credit. One of the best choices for finding new or used ar loans often is a local car dealer that specializes in bad credit auto loans. Take a look around this website and read some of the helpful posts related to car loans with bad credit. You will find this information both enlightening and helpful as you narrow down your choices of financing options.

Bad Credit Car Financing Online ApplicationFill out an Online Bad Credit Car Financing Application

Here’s where you actually take action to get the car loan you’ve been looking for. Once you’ve followed the other three suggestions from this post, be sure to take a few minutes to fill out the car loan application here at We work with a huge, nationwide network of auto loans lenders. We can match up your request with one of these top lenders. And the end result may very well be that you get the ideal car loan that you’ve been looking for.

Don’t forget that it can take a bit of time to put all of these tips into action. As you are sorting through the process, be sure to read up on all of the bad credit auto loans information that we regularly post for you here at Helping you get the car you want is what we are here for!

5 Facts Credit Ratings and Car Financing For Bad Credit

Friday, April 5th, 2013

Car Financing for Bad Credit

One of the biggest challenges facing a family in today’s difficult economic times is how to obtain car financing for bad credit. Here are five areas where questions often arise about how to buy a car with bad credit.

How Credit Ratings Affect A Car Loan?

Two important things to keep in mind are that your credit rating is provided to the financial institution by one of three nation-wide firms.

It can also help if you understand that car financing is a business. It is easy to take personally, what feels like the judgment of others when you are told that you have poor credit or a low credit score. It is easy to overlook the fact that the messenger of such news is just an employee working for a business that must maintain guidelines for who they loan money to.

How to get a free credit bureau report?

Car Financing for Bad CreditAnnually, you can obtain a free copy of your credit report by simply requesting it. The three primary credit reporting agencies are:




Each firm is available online and will provide you with a download of the information they have on your credit.

A wise step to take is to conduct a thorough review of each report. Look for any errors, changes not reported, and your record of the current status of outstanding debt. If erroneous information is found, immediately take steps to correct it with the reporting agency.

How Is Your Credit Rating Determined?

The three credit reporting agencies collect data on every one of us. There is in place a network of reporting systems that collect this data and then forward it to these companies. There is a long list of items that are reported.  (more…)

Auto Financing and Bad Credit Auto Loans

Monday, March 18th, 2013

Auto Financing Loan Types Explained

There are many auto financing loans that you probably didn’t even know existed. You probably have heard of new or used car loans, bad credit auto loans, car loans with bad credit or no credit. What about those elusive low rate auto loan financing programs with 0 down payments? over the last 8 years has amassed the largest nationwide group of bad credit car loan lenders. When you combine them with our certified network of bad credit auto dealers, you have the best chance of approval for your car loan needs. These auto loans are not available by the main stream auto lenders.

Far too many people get scared or confused when they hear someone talking about bad credit auto loans. You shouldn’t be concerned because it only refers to a low credit score. Typically a credit score below 680 in now considered to be subprime finance. In the event you need car financing with bad credit or no credit, these bad credit car dealerships are you best choice. They offer far many options for financing a car with bad credit for sure. We are about to show and explain about the various auto financing options available.

Auto Financing with Bad Credit Auto LoansBad Credit Auto Loans and Auto Financing

O Down Payment Bad Credit Auto Loans specializes in bad credit auto loans and works for the customers who need a bad credit car financing with no money down. In instances such as this the lender will be looking at a several factors that will sway there decision as to whether or not they can offer you no money down financing. Getting into a car with 0 money down can be hard, but does not need to be impossible. With that said here are some tips on how to get approved for an auto loan for bad credit with zero money down.   Give Accurate Information       Find a reliable dealership in your area      Prepare your proof of income      Look for a co-signer    Read more ….

Guaranteed Auto Financing (more…)