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Andrew R. Long Island, NY

“I needed a car for my new job and the banks wouldn’t even talk to me. I was approved for a car loan with my bad credit score in less than 3 hours from Thanks for helping me!”

Max D. Chicago, IL

“I had to close my business and it really screwed up my previous good credit, didn’t care about the past. The were able to give me several options on financing my new car loan.”

Chris A. Seattle, WA

“I was in real trouble. Got a new job but had bad credit so my friend told me about but I didn’t believe anyone would finance a car for me. WRONG I got approved in about 2 hours and now I am driving my brand new Hyundai”

Anthony Y. Chicago, IL

“I have bought maybe 9 cars in the past and buying this car with the best and fastest car buying experience ever. I applied from the office about 9:30 and picked out my car about 3:00 same day.”

Bill P. Houston, TX

“When I arrived at the dealership, I was surprised that no one tried to push me into anything. They were very polite and answered all my questions and ended up buying a brand new Toyota Camry, Great Service.”

Sonja A. Omaha, NE

“The dealer that sent me to had 4 different auto finance companies who wanted to approve me. Thanks so much”

Richard O. Seattle, WA

“I had just filed bankruptcy and thought I had no chance of buying or financing a new car until a coworker told me about, Fantastic and would highly suggest you give them a try.”

Tracy C. Atlanta, GA

“Went through an ugly divorce and my ex screwed my credit up big time. When no one would help me, had dealers with 4 different options for financing my new car!”

Angela S. Seattle, WA

“Seattle is a place you have to have a car but my credit score was so bad my own credit union wouldn’t help but did. I am telling all my friends to check out for their next car loan.”

Nancy T. Oakland, CA

“I had to switch jobs and got a little behind with my payments. That didn’t matter to they got my auto credit approved in less than 2  hours. I love you!”

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