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Write for Us - Guest Authors is providing the opportunity for auto and car loan experts, bloggers, webmasters and credit related experts to contribute their knowledge about bad credit auto loans are welcome to join our guest authors program. Our guest authors are encourage to write for us to display their authorship knowledge of our topics for our consumers. As a guest author you may write anything for us you like as long as it is related to the categories on our site.

Rules and Guidelines for Author Content

Your blog post must be the author’s 100% unique content. Content to be published must also be well researched.

Your blog post must be between 500 to 700 words. Grammatical errors and spelling mistakes will not be published.

Post content must be related to the topics on our site primarily related to bad credit auto loans and bad credit car loans.

Content with spammy links, affiliate links or to unrelated topics will not be published.

Guest author posts may contain 1 link.

You will be able to provide a bio and byline of your skills and experience.

You will need the following profile information to qualify as a guest author for Twitter, Facebook, Google + and LinkedIn if you have it.

We require a real picture preferably your Gravatar account image.

If you have knowledge or experience in these areas and would like to contribute, please complete the guest authors application below and we will respond immediately.


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